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We have been farming for 10 years on our North Canterbury farm, 1300ha steep hard hill, running breeding cows and halfbred ewes.
For the first 7 years we grubbed Nassella personally and with paid contractors. Through the course of the last 10 years we have developed the hard hills out of pig fern and manuka into pasture using spray, burning and over sowing.

A lot of this country had Nassella under 5 foot high pig fern that was never seen for years.
Since we have taken away the pig fern the number of plants have been large. The first seven years we made no head way on the overall Nassella numbers yearly which was demoralising and disheartening to say the least.

A farmer just down the road had implemented using Taskforce in a spot spray system with a backpack and told me about the product.
I was quick to jump on board when hearing about Taskforce, As I always concepted grubbing was creating a seed bed for the following years seed.
The result was immediate, firstly on morale , secondly on time taken, it is at least four times faster, thirdly I’m getting a huge reduction in numbers, fourth and finally it is way easier on the body.

I would recommend this system if I had 100 or 30,000 plants. Taskforce gets great results.
— Nigel and Catherine Graham
We farm 640ha of dry Marlborough coastal hill country. Nassella Tussock has always been present on the property and the traditional method of grubbing was only containing and not controlling the pest.

Since using Taskforce there has been a dramatic decrease in Nassella density over the entire farm. We undertake this control work ourselves and by using the spot spraying method we have noticed a substantial decrease in the time required to complete the job. Also, it is much easier on the body.

Without Taskforce, we feel we would never have made the improvements we have made in controlling Nassella on Weld Cone.
— Nick and Carole Webby
Our Taylor pass property near Blenheim was so heavily infested with Nassella that the M.D.C. used it for research trials. Despite endless hours of spot spraying with Glyphosate every year and a determined effort to achieve control, the plant numbers were still increasing.

After an aerial blanket application of Taskforce herbicide, we received 50mm of rain in a single event and I was concerned that the product may have leached off.

I am able to report that this season two years after application and with the contractor using Taskforce to spot spray the property that this year he was hard pressed to find any Nassella! I thoroughly endorse this product.
— Andy Laurie, Escaroth Estate, Taylor Pass.
Since its release in 2012, we have sprayed Nassella Tussock with Taskforce herbicide. Blocks that used to take 2 days to grub now take a morning to spray allowing us to check more country. Numbers of seedlings are reducing and the results are very pleasing.
Taskforce has become our best tool for reducing Nassella Tussock on our remote hill
country. Ben needs to be congratulated for bringing in a great tool for the control of
Nassella Tussock and Chilean Needle Grass.
Grant Allan, Medway Valley Marlborough.
— Grant Allan, Medway Valley Marlborough
We farm sheep and cattle on 264 hectares of dry coastal hill country in Blind River near Seddon. In 2011, we began using Taskforce to control our Chilean Needle Grass and Nassella Tussock. It has been applied by knapsack, hand gun and by ground and aerial based boom spraying. Before Taskforce became available, Glyphosate was the only control tool for Chilean Needle Grass and the infestation was continuing to spread across the farm despite our best efforts. More and more of the property was being taken over by this aggressive weed, control costs were increasing and our profits were decreasing. The use of Taskforce herbicide has allowed us to selectively control Chilean Needle Grass and Nassella Tussock and is improving the overall profitability of our farm. Our aim for the future is to eradicate these weeds and improve the quality of our pastures over time.
— Phillip Pratt and Virginia Hope – Glenbeigh Farm
I have been using Taskforce herbicide since November 2011.
I have used it in a variety of applicator’s ie. Hand gun, Mist blowers and Knapsack.

I have had really good success using Taskforce . You can see a marked reduction in the amount of plants coming up the following season on the properties that I have sprayed for more than one season.

Spraying is a lot quicker than grubbing so it saves my clients a lot of labour cost as well.
When applied correctly I have found this to be the best product to use in the fight against both Nassella Tussock and Chilean Needlegrass.
— Clive Billingsley, Marlborough Noxious Plant Control
I have been using Taskforce herbicide for 4 years on two properties. One is in North Canterbury and the other property is at Ward.
The Nasella Tussock numbers have dropped by half and so has the hours to do the job. It is also twice as easy on the body.
I use a 5 litre drench pack with a spray nozzle and it is light to carry around.

I highly recommend that everyone should try this great product.
— Jo Mcpherson